There Are Many Types Of Custom Plates

- Jun 26, 2017-

Home decoration will certainly be used to customize the plate, then how to choose custom sheet, in the custom sheet when buying how to identify. What are the characteristics of custom-made panels made of furniture? Xiaobian here for everyone to sum up:

1. Custom sheet: woodworking board (commonly known as big core board)

Woodworking board (commonly known as the big core board) is a solid wood board plywood, the vertical (to determine the core to distinguish the plate) bending strength is poor, but the lateral bending strength is higher. Now most of the market is solid, plastic fight, double sanding, five-story blockboard, Custom Plates is the most commonly used in the decoration of one of the custom plate.

In fact, better quality woodworking board for its environmental protection factor is also guaranteed, but the cost is higher, coupled with the late painting and other multi-channel processes, will be more or less will be an environmentally friendly products become less Environmental protection. Usually, in the furniture room made of woodworking board, be sure to be more ventilated and breathable, Custom Plates it is best to vacate for a few months and then move in.

2. Custom sheet: Solid wood finger plate

Refers to the board, also known as integrated board, Glulam, refers to the material, that is, after the deep processing of solid wood small pieces like "fingers" stitching made of custom sheet, due to the use of jagged wood board interface, similar to both hands Fingers cross docking, so called the board. As the wood between the cross is a combination of such a combination of the structure itself has a certain binding force, but also because there is no need to stick up and down the surface of the panel, Gu its use of the extremely small amount of glue.

It was sold as a selling point for a camouflage fingerboard as a counterboard, and even was sold in a selling point, but there was a part of cracking and deformation in the later use, so we canceled camphor wood As the use of counter backplane. Here would like to remind you want to use the fingerboard to carry out cabinet furniture production customers, we must carefully choose the custom sheet, Custom Plates and the late cracking, deformation and other things may happen to the producers to negotiate, whether as a business or personal , Are the first to say after the chaos Well, good communication late also less trouble.

3. Custom sheet: Particleboard

Particleboard, is a variety of branches, small diameter wood, fast wood, wood chips and other objects cut into a certain size of the debris, after drying, mixed with rubber, hardener, water repellent, etc., at a certain temperature, pressure pressed into A wood-based panel, because its profile is similar to honeycomb, so called particleboard.

In the particleboard to join a certain "moisture-proof factor" or "moisture-proof agent" and other raw materials, it has become the people talking about the moisture-proof particleboard, referred to as moisture-proof plate, a certain moisture effect is because the particleboard itself has a certain moisture, After the expansion coefficient is small, is widely used in cabinets, bathroom cabinets and other environments, but in reality, Custom Plates it has become a lot of poor particleboard cover the internal impurities more tools. In the particleboard inside the addition of green coloring agent, the formation of the current market that said the green-based particleboard, many manufacturers use it to mislead the green board, in fact, there is no scientific basis. At home and abroad the top brands of particleboard in fact more than the nature of the substrate.

4. Custom sheet: Fibreboard

Everyone in some businesses that he is a high-density custom board production cabinet, may wish to weigh the above density of the unit area within the custom sheet weight, see if the degree is not high density board, or in the MDF custom Plate as a high-density board for sale, this approach may affect the interests of some businesses, but from the integrity point of view business to promote their own high-density board will not be afraid of customers to verify.

5. Custom sheet: Particle board

The so-called solid wood particle board, in fact, is a particleboard production process of custom sheet, is a particleboard belonging to the homogeneous particleboard.

The particle size of the particleboard is called the directional structure of the particleboard. It is a kind of small-diameter wood, wood cutting, wood core, board skin, branch material and other raw materials through the special equipment processing growth 40mm, 70mm, width 5mm, 20mm, thickness 0.3mm, 0.7 Mm of the flake, the drying, sizing and special equipment will be the surface of the core layer of cross-staggered orientation pavement, after hot-forming a wood-based panel. Large sub-homogeneous particleboard will be sliced through the advanced single-channel dryer for drying, the expansion coefficient is small, moisture-proof performance is very good, the implementation of the planing is layered layers of pavement, so its internal internal texture uniform Ordinary particleboard and powder MDF nail force, Custom Plates bending resistance, stability should be strong.

6. Custom sheet: multi-layer solid wood board

Multi-layer solid wood board to criss-crossing the multi-layer plywood as the substrate, the surface of high-quality solid wood paste or technology wood for the fabric, the cold, hot, sanding, health and other processes made of several processes. As a result of multi-layer solid wood board is not easy to deformation characteristics and good regulation of indoor temperature and humidity of the excellent performance, Custom Plates surface solid wood paste leather material and natural wood texture and feel, so more selective. Therefore, much of the consumer's pro-Lai.

Multi-layer solid wood board with good structural stability, not easy to deformation. As the vertical and horizontal gluing, high temperature and high pressure, from the internal stress to solve the deformation of solid wood defects. In the production process using self-made high-quality environmental protection glue, so that the product limit of formaldehyde release to meet national standards, green.

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