The Linear Guide Meets The Working Requirements Of The Moving Parts

- Sep 04, 2017-

Linear rails, also known as slide rails, linear guides, linear rails, for linear reciprocating applications, have a higher rated load than linear bearings, and can take a certain torque, high load can be achieved in the case of high-precision straight line Sport efficient and durable

Linear guide, also known as rail, slide, linear guide, linear slide

, For linear reciprocating occasions, with a higher than the linear bearing rated load, and can take a certain torque, in the case of high load to achieve high-precision linear motion.

The role of linear motion guide is used to support and guide the moving parts, according to a given direction to do reciprocating linear motion. According to the nature of friction, Linear Rail linear motion guide can be divided into sliding friction rails, rolling friction rails, elastic friction rails, fluid friction rails and other types.

The role of the linear guide is used to support and guide the moving parts, relying on two or four rows of rails on both sides of the ball rolling rolling the table in a given direction to move smoothly to do reciprocating linear motion. Along the movement of the rail system, most of the linear motion, Linear Rail there are a few for the arc movement.

Linear bearings are mainly used in the automation machinery, like Germany imported machine tools, paper bowl machine, laser welding machine, etc., of course, linear bearings and linear shaft is used with the same. Linear guide is mainly used in the relatively high precision requirements Mechanical structure,

Slider - Moves the movement from a curve to a straight line. The new rail system allows the machine to obtain rapid traverse speed, in the case of the same spindle speed, rapid feed is a linear guide characteristics. The linear guide, Linear Rail like the planar guide, has two basic elements; one is a fixed element and the other is a moving element. Since the linear guide is a standard part for the machine tool factory, Linear Rail the only thing to do is to process the parallelism of a mounting rail and the alignment rail. Of course, in order to ensure the accuracy of the machine, the bed or column a small amount of scraping research is essential, in most cases, Linear Rail the installation is relatively simple.

As a guide rail for the hardened steel, after grinding placed on the installation plane. Compared with the plane guide, the linear guide cross-section of the geometry, more complex than the plane guide, the reason is because the need to process the groove on the groove, in order to facilitate the sliding element movement, groove shape and quantity, depending on the machine to complete Function. For example, Linear Rail a rail system that is subjected to linear forces and subjected to subversive forces has a much different design than rails that are only subjected to linear forces.

There is no intermediate medium between the moving element of the linear guide and the fixed element, and the rolling ball is used. Because the rolling ball to adapt to high-speed movement, the friction coefficient is small, high sensitivity, to meet the working parts of the work requirements, such as machine tool turret, Linear Rail carriage and so on. Linear guide system of the fixed element (rail) the basic function of the bearing ring, the installation of steel ball bracket, the shape of "v" shape. The brackets wrap the top and sides of the guide rails. In order to support the working parts of the machine, a set of linear guides has at least four brackets. Used to support large parts of the work, the number of stents can be more than four.

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