Of Oils Or Greases For Rolling Bearing Based On

- Mar 15, 2017-

Benefits of using lubricating rolling bearings are:
1) in certain operational parameters, using lubricants than grease lubrication of starting torque and friction losses significantly smaller.
2) because the grease in a loop to remove heat to the cooling effect, so it can achieve relatively high rotational speed of the bearing.
3) can guarantee the achievement of high temperature.
4) change when the fat, must remove the joined parts, oil lubrication, no such trouble.
5) bearing in the gearbox are lubricated by lubricating oil is very suitable because the splash of oil at the same time to meet Meanwhile lubricated gears and housing purposes.
6) product of the grease in the bearings being worn, abrasives, sealed from the outside unit to penetrate and stain by aging itself, if not promptly replaced, causing accelerated wear of the bearing, and when the liquid lubricant is applied, and can be filtered to ensure their normal operation.

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