Linear Guideway Belongs To Precision Parts

- Sep 25, 2017-

Linear Guide, also known as Line rail, slide, linear rail, liner slide

Linear guide for linear reciprocating motion occasions, with a higher load than linear bearings, at the same time can bear a certain amount of torque, Linear Rail can be high load in the case of high-precision linear motion.

Application fields:

1, linear Guide mainly used in automation machinery more, such as German imports of machine tools, paper bowls machine, laser welding machine, and so on, of course, linear guides and linear axes are supporting.

2, linear Guide is mainly used in the high precision mechanical structure, the linear guide of the moving elements and fixed components between the medium, and with rolling steel ball. Linear Rail Because the rolling steel ball adapts to the high speed movement, the friction coefficient is small, the sensitivity is high, satisfies the movement component the work request, such as the machine tool turret, Linear Rail the towing board and so on. If the force acting on the steel ball is too large, the steel ball withstands the preload time too long, which leads to the increase of the support movement resistance.

Use Note:

Linear Guide is a precision part, so in the use of a very cautious attitude, even if the use of high-performance linear guide, if used improperly, can not achieve the desired performance, and easy to make the linear guide damage. Therefore, the use of linear guides should be aware of the following matters:

Prevent corrosion

Direct hand to take the straight line guide, to fully wash away the sweat of the hand, and coated with high-quality mineral oil after the operation, Linear Rail in the rainy season and summer in particular to pay attention to rust.

Keep the environment clean

Keep the straight rail and its surroundings clean even if the invisible dust of the naked eye enters the guide rail, it will also increase the wear, Linear Rail vibration and noise of the guideway.

Install carefully

Linear Guide In the use of the installation to be careful, not to allow strong stamping, do not allow the use of hammers directly on the guide, not allowed to pass through the rolling body pressure.

Install tools to fit

Linear guides Use the appropriate, accurate installation tools to maximize the use of special tools, Linear Rail and strongly avoid the use of cloth and staple fiber and other things.

Characteristics of Linear guideway

1, high positioning accuracy, easy to obtain a high degree of walking accuracy

The linear rolling guide can reduce the friction coefficient to 1/50 of the slide guide. Because the dynamic friction and static friction coefficient difference is very small, the movement is nimble, may reduce the driving torque 90%, therefore, may set the machine tool localization accuracy to the ultra micron level. Linear Rail The design of the terminal unit between the slider and the guideway makes the linear guide can withstand the load in all directions at the same time, the patented backflow system and the streamlined structure design allow the Hiwin linear guide to have smoother and quieter motion, especially the synchmo-tion linear slide of the ball coupler mute technology.

2, the total cost is low, reduces the machine tool cost and saves the electricity greatly, the energy saving effect is big

The machine tool with Linear rolling guide is small in friction resistance, Linear Rail especially suitable for repeated start and stop reciprocating movement, which can make the required power source and power transmission mechanism miniaturization, reduce the weight, and make the machine tool need 90% of power, which has a large energy saving effect.

3. Can realize the high speed movement without clearance

Because of the small frictional resistance, the linear guide can realize the high-speed movement of the machine tool and improve the working efficiency of the $number.

4, can maintain the high accuracy of machine tool for a long time

For the fluid lubrication of the slide guide surface, the error of the motion accuracy caused by the floating of the oil film is unavoidable. In most cases, the fluid lubrication is limited to the boundary area, Linear Rail and the direct friction produced by metal contact is unavoidable, and in this friction a large amount of energy is wasted by friction loss.

In contrast, rolling contact is less energy-intensive due to friction. The friction loss of the rolling surface is correspondingly reduced, so that the linear rolling guideway system is in a high precision state for a long time. At the same time, because the use of lubricating oil is also very small, in most cases just grease lubrication is enough, Linear Rail which makes the lubrication system design and maintenance of the machine is very easy to use.

5. All directions have high rigidity

The slide of the linear guide rail is a micro-gap or a negative gap between the guide rails, so it can greatly improve the overall rigidity and motion accuracy of the guideway.

6, the allowable load is big

The slider and the guideway are closely combined into a whole, rigid, four-direction load, Linear Rail so it has a large load carrying capacity.

7. Easy Maintenance and maintenance

Linear Guide has the advantages of cost-saving, clean and environmental protection features, flexible installation, easy disassembly and easy maintenance, transparent fuel tank design can be at any time to view the amount of oil, and can choose the appropriate lubricating oil. It can be used in special environment such as dust, Linear Rail inclement weather and water environment. Self-run module not only can enhance the user maintenance convenience, and its modular design can let customers directly purchase E2 from the Run module kits installed on the slider, you can achieve the function of lubrication parts.

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