Linear Guide To Improve The Sensitivity Of The System

- Jul 20, 2017-

Linear Guide is the most important part of CNC cutting machine, it is a tool for linear reciprocating movement, this tool has a previously linear bearing does not have a higher rated load, but also can bear a certain torque, but also in the high load situation to achieve the same high-precision precision of the movement of straight lines, so that equipment smooth and accurate operation of the function.

CNC Cutting Machine above the linear guide, linear axis as a CNC cutting machine, Linear Rail one of the core components, its function is guidance and support. In order to ensure that CNC cutting machine has a higher processing accuracy, the requirements of its guide rails, Linear Rail straight lines have a higher precision and good movement stability.

Linear Guide can be understood as a kind of rolling guidance, is the ball in the slider and the guide between the infinite rolling cycle, so that the load platform along the track easy high-precision linear motion, and the friction coefficient to the usual traditional sliding guidance of one-fiftieth, Linear Rail can easily reach a high positioning accuracy. The sliding block is designed with the terminal unit of the guide rail, so that the linear guide is subjected to the load of the upper and lower directions at the same time.

Slider-Moves the motion from a curve to a straight line. The new guideway system enables the machine tool to obtain the fast feed speed, in the case of the same spindle speed, Linear Rail the fast feed is the characteristic of the linear guide. The linear guide is like a planar guide, with two basic elements, one as a fixed element and the other a moving component. Because the linear guide is a standard part, the Machine tool factory. The only way to do this is to process the parallelism of the plane and the alignment rails of a mounting rail. Of course, Linear Rail in order to ensure the accuracy of the machine, a small amount of bed or column scraping research is essential, in most cases, the installation is relatively simple. As a guide guide rail for hardened steel, after fine grinding placed on the installation plane. Compared with the plane guide, the geometric shape of the cross section of the Linear guide rail is more complicated than the plane guide, because it is necessary to process the groove on the guideway to facilitate the movement of the sliding element, the shape and quantity of the groove, Linear Rail depending on the function of the machine. For example: a rail system that bears both a linear force and an overturning moment, compared to a guide that only bears a straight line force. There is a big difference in design.

The basic function of the fixed element (Guide rail) of the linear guideway system is like the bearing ring, the bracket of the steel ball, and the shape "V". The bracket wraps the top and two sides of the guide rail. In order to support the working parts of the machine tool, Linear Rail a linear guideway has at least four brackets. For supporting large working parts, the number of stents can be more than four.

When moving the working parts of the machine tool, the steel ball circulates in the bracket groove, and the wear amount of the bracket is distributed to each steel ball, thus prolonging the service life of the linear guideway. In order to eliminate the gap between the bracket and the guide rail, preload can improve the stability of the rail system, preload load. is to install a super size steel ball between the guide rail and the bracket. Steel ball diameter tolerance of ± 20 microns, with 0.5 microns as the increment, the steel Ball screening classification, respectively loaded on the guide rail, preload the size of the load, depending on the action on the Steel Ball force. If the force acting on the steel ball is too large, it is too long to withstand the preloading time, Linear Rail in order to improve the sensitivity of the system and reduce the movement resistance, it is necessary to reduce the preload, and in order to improve the accuracy and accuracy of the motion, it is necessary to have sufficient pre plus negative numbers.

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