Linear Guide Is One Of The Most Important Parts Of Precision Machine Tools

- Oct 20, 2017-

Linear rails, also known as slide rails, linear rails, linear rails, for linear reciprocating applications, have a higher rated load than linear bearings, and can take a certain torque, Linear Rail high load can be achieved in the case of high-precision straight line movement.

The role of the linear guide is used to support and guide the moving parts, according to a given direction to do reciprocating linear motion. Depending on the nature of the friction, the linear motion guide can be divided into sliding friction rails, rolling friction rails, elastic friction rails, fluid friction rails and other types. Linear Rail For the sliding lubrication of the sliding guide surface, the error of the motion accuracy due to the floating of the oil film is unavoidable.

Linear guides are one of the most important parts of many high-tech precision machines and are now milled with a Nano Turbo cutter with a diameter of 10 to 16 mm. Accuracy, speed and economy are the reason for moving from the overall carbide cutter to the new blade discarded cutter.

Linear guidance is widely used in precision machine tools, robots, semiconductors, power tools, sports equipment, woodworking machinery, food machinery, medical machinery, optical instruments, Linear Rail automobile manufacturing equipment, automation equipment, laser engraving, printing machinery, electronics industry, Papermaking machinery, positioning and carrying equipment, transportation (manufacturing transport) devices, packaging machinery.

Straight rails must be prepared before installation

1, the level of the machine correction. Requirements: with two contours and a marble scale on the installation of the base surface, put the level of precision leveling the base level, the request is the base of the convex (2 ~ 3 grid).

2, linear guide rail mounting base roughness, flatness, straightness and appearance of the inspection. Requirements: When the level of debugging is good, Linear Rail you must use the laser interferometer to measure the main linear guide rail mounting base (we usually close to the right column of a linear guide surface as the main rail) flatness allowed per 10m convex 0.05mm, the whole Straightness of travel is allowed to be convex 0.03mm. Roughness requirements 1.6, the appearance of no casting defects.

3, the linear guide rail mounting base and the rail side of the reference mounting surface chamfering. Requirements: chamfer radius is less than or equal to 3.5mm, if the chamfer is too large or protruding, should be used in time with Whetstone and file processing, otherwise it will cause the installation of the rail accuracy is poor or will interfere with the slider.

4, linear guide rail mounting base locking screw hole processing. Requirements: to confirm the location of the installation of the screw hole is correct, Linear Rail the center of the hole connected to the 120mm greater than 0.1mm or less than 0.1mm; To ensure high precision screw hole processing, the choice of CNC equipment positioning processing.

5, out of the box after the inspection of linear guide. Requirements: Check the linear guide whether there is a certificate, whether bump or rust, rust cleaning oil will be cleaned, Linear Rail remove the surface of the burrs, impact protrusions and dirt and so on.

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