How To Prevent Premature NSK, SKF Bearing Damaged

- Mar 15, 2017-

Improper installation (about 16%)
1, axle bearing installation using brute force, directly hit with a hammer bearing SKF bearing damage; is a main cause of deformation.
2, the installation is not in place, installation errors or do not fit into the bearings, resulting in bearing clearance is too small. Inner and outer rings, not in the same center of rotation, causing misalignment.
Advice: choose proper professional bearing installation tool installation to be detected with special instruments.
Fatigue (about 34%)
Fatigue is common in SKF bearing damage. Common causes of fatigue are: bearing long-term overload; failing to repair; repair improperly; ageing of the equipment.
Pollution (about 14%)
Pollution also causes premature failure of FAG bearings, pollution refers to the sand, metal shavings into the bearing. Main reasons for include: premature to open NSK bearing package before use, pollution; installation environment is not clean, pollution; the working environment is clean, medium pollution.

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