How Can I Tell If The Bearing Quality

- Mar 15, 2017-

Imported bearings----Miscellaneous:
Left hand holding the bearing body, right hand toggle coat makes it rotate, listen to whether heterocyclic rings in the bearing operation. As most of the production conditions of the counterfeit products, complete workshop-type operation, bearing the body in the production process would inevitably into dust, impurities like sand, so the bearing rotation occurs when stray or does not run smoothly. This is to determine whether the product from the strict production standards, and regular firm operated by machine brand product key.
Imported bearings----whether roiling the oil on the surface:
Surface is roiling the oil it needs when purchasing imported bearings, we should pay special attention. Due to internal rust technology and advanced manufacturing countries there is a gap, so rust the bearing body with thick grease easily left, feel stuck when they handing a stiff, and imported from abroad almost can not see any traces of oil on the bearing. According to insiders, particularly careful person can smell on the bearing a special taste, this is the smell of oil.
Chamfering is uniform:
So-called bearing chamfer, which is at the junction of the horizontal and vertical surface, counterfeit products bearing due to technical constraints, parts of these corners are unsatisfactory, which we can easily identify.

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