High Precision Bearing Rotation

- Jul 20, 2017-

What are the main features of the bearing? The bearing is to support the rotating shaft and the components of the rotating parts on the shaft, and to ensure the rotation accuracy of the shaft and reduce the friction and wear between the shaft and the fixed support. Shaft is a standard part, specially produced by the bearing factory, just type selection and combination design. Bearings According to the different friction properties of the work, the bearings are divided into two categories: sliding bearing and rolling bearing.

Characteristics of sliding bearing

Sliding bearing work, there is friction between the shaft and the bearing, Bearings its disadvantage is a large frictional loss, the use of maintenance is also more complex. The advantages of sliding bearings are as follows:

(1) Simple structure, manufacturing, disassembly convenient;

(2) with good impact resistance and good vibration absorption performance, smooth running, no noise, high rotation accuracy;

(3) The carrying capacity is big, the service life is long.

Therefore, the sliding bearing in high-speed, precision mechanism and low speed overload, Bearings impact load of the institutions, such as high-speed precision machine tools, stamping machinery and agricultural machinery application more.

Characteristics of rolling bearings

Rolling bearings rely on the rolling contact between the main components to support the rotating parts, which are generally composed of inner ring, outer ring, rolling body and cage. The inner ring is mounted on the axle neck and rotates together, and the outer ring is mounted on the bearing seat. Bearings The inner and outer rings of rolling bearings are machined with raceways, and when the inner and outer rings are rotated relative to each other, the rolling body is rolled in the raceway of the outer ring. The common rolling body has ball, cylindrical roller, needle roller, tapered roller, spherical roller, asymmetric spherical roller, etc.

The cage is used to separate the rolling bodies from each other to avoid friction between their questions. Because of the point contact or line contact between the rolling body and the inner and outer ring, the surface contact stress is large, therefore, the inner, Bearings outer ring and rolling material should have good contact fatigue strength and impact toughness, generally used bearing steel, heat treatment, surface hardness reached 61~65HRC, working surface by grinding and polishing; The cage is usually made of low carbon steel sheet and is also useful for non-ferrous metal or plastic.

Compared with sliding bearings, rolling bearing has the advantages of small frictional resistance, less power consumption, flexible start-up and good interchangeability, Bearings so it has been widely used, and its disadvantage is that the impact resistance is poor, and the noise is easy to appear when the speed is too high.

Rolling bearings have been standardized and produced by professional manufacturers. The characteristics of the bearing are described above.

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