Fan Bearing High Temperature Due To What

- Mar 15, 2017-

(1) bad quality of lubrication. The purpose of lubrication is to enable the news section is not in direct contact with friction, and the formation of solids and
Friction between the liquid. If the quantity of lubricant inadequate or poor quality, takes part directly frictional heating, or heat from escaping through the oil away, and make the bearing temperatures.
(2) the bad quality of rolling bearing Assembly. If the tightening force of the inner sleeve and shaft is not enough, coat and bearing clearance is too large or too small.
(3) the bearing of bad quality. Scraping of sliding bearing of bad quality, white metal contacts or born; rolling bearing rolling element
Surface crack, cracked, peeling, will undermine the stability and uniformity of the film, so that the bearing heats.
(4) sealing felt too tight to heat up.
(5) bearing too large to sustain the impact load, seriously affecting the stability of oil film.
(6) bearing insufficient cooling water or interrupt, influence the heat out, and make the bearing temperatures.

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