Electronic Products Meet The Needs Of Different People

- Sep 14, 2017-

Electronic products can make your life easier and broaden your horizons. It has been deeply into people's lives, such as: Kitchen rice cookers, induction cooker and so on, the living room of the DVD, computer and life of the MP4 camera, mobile phones are electronic products.

The development of science and technology, for people's work and life provides better help, a variety of electronic products are endless, and the speed of upgrading is not a general product can be compared. With people's attention to the practical function of electronic products, Electronics the interactive design of human-machine is more and more widely applied to the design of electronic products, with the birth of more and more humanized design, better for people's production and life services, improve work efficiency, in order to create greater economic benefits.

Electronic products in the function design, it is necessary to conduct electromagnetic compatibility considerations, power monitoring with the power meter is no exception. EMC design requires a combination of schematics, PCB, and structure, Electronics and adjusts to the actual situation to minimize EMC risk, reduce EMC corrective costs, and ultimately meet the requirements of the relevant standards.

With the rapid trend of electronic products to the use of portable, powerful and low-power, the continuous miniaturization of semiconductor technology will not stop the possibility. However, such an evolutionary trend has created the importance of electronic product ' design work with reliability ' Electronics as important as the design of electronic products ' functions.

This is because the external transient noise interference energy becomes very easy to enter inside the electronic product, coupled with the electronic products within the wafer 0 components because of the miniaturization of semiconductors become very weak, resulting in the electronic product itself is becoming more and more susceptible to disruption and damage.

Human-Computer interaction in electronic product design is the need of social development

With the development and progress of society, people no longer just focus on the appearance of electronic products novelty, the operation of simple and cost-effective put forward a higher demand, Electronics people are no longer the pursuit of fashionable electronic products, but the use of electronic products technology and function into more attention, from the pursuit of fashion to the pursuit of utility transition, Electronics It is a manifestation of social development.

The needs of different people

Economic development has driven people to pursue the change, people do not just eat enough to drink enough, but the quality of life and quality have a higher level of demand. With the "People-oriented" concept of continuous deepening, in order to meet the needs of different groups of people, interactive design is automatically applied to the design of electronic products, further embodies the "people-oriented" concept, Electronics making electronic products better serve consumers. For example: The old people's eyes are not very good, basic is presbyopia, the use of mobile phones do not have too much pursuit, therefore, mobile phone designers according to this phenomenon designed a simple operation of the elderly machine, Electronics the number of elderly machine pinyin than the general phone is much more convenient for the elderly to use.

In order to better reflect the "people-oriented" design concept, electronic product designers in the human-computer interface has been improved and perfected, and some difficult to recognize the symbols, letters into a simple, figurative graphics, these graphics are similar to the Pictograph, is the visual representation of the operation, making electronic products more concise operation, Understandable, the consumer can be at a glance, do not need special study.

The use and utility of electronic products is greatly improved compared with previous electronic products. The appearance of fashion is also more and more convenient to operate the direction of development, and electronic products are used in the operation of the button is based on people's Daily habits of the design, Electronics switch machine keys in red, and put a variety of functions in a set, both save space, and save money.

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