Design Reliability Of Electronic Products

- May 26, 2017-

(VCD, SVCD, DVD), video recorders, camcorders, radios, tape recorders, and the combination of the products, including telephones, televisions,Speakers, CD player (CD), computer, mobile communications products.

Electronic product design reliability refers to the electronic product under the specified conditions, within a given time to perform the required function does not appear the probability of failure. Electronics Once the product is successfully developed, Electronics it is generally considered

Product design is over.

Electronic products in different levels of development of countries have different connotations, in the same country at different stages of development have different connotations.

China's electronic products are used for personal and home and radio, television-related audio and video products.

Electronics Classification parts

◆ ceramic capacitors: Electronics chip capacitors, high voltage, safety capacitors, adjustable capacitors, row capacity, high-energy capacitors;

◆ Positive and negative temperature coefficient thermistor, high precision adjustable potentiometer, high voltage resistance

◆ chip inductance coil: high-frequency inductors, power inductors, antenna coil;

◆ mute noisy components / EMI suppression filter (EMIFIL), chip beads, beads row, DC / AC common mode choke coil, military use of mixed noise suppression filter;

◆ ceramic oscillator (Resonators): pins, patch resonator (KHz, MHz), automotive resonators, SAW oscillators;

◆ Electronics Communication equipment with filters, SAW filters, RF filters, IF filters, frequency discriminator, media / antenna / transceiver duplexer, medium bandpass filter;

◆ high-frequency components: high-frequency micro-chip capacitors, sheet dielectric antenna, dielectric resonator, RF switch, coaxial cable;

◆ high frequency components (Microwave Modules) PLL components; RF switch; microwave oscillator VCO, Bluetooth Bluetooth module;

◆ Electronics Power Supplies (Power Supplies) switching power supply, high voltage power supply, ultra-thin power supply, C & D power module;

◆ sensor components (Sensors): gyroscope, ultrasonic, shock, rotation, magnetic identification, thermoelectric infrared, temperature and other sensors

◆ Piezoelectric sound components (Piezoelectric Sound Components) buzzer, buzzer vibration plate and so on.

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