C-type Steel Rails Good Versatility

- Aug 23, 2017-

C-type steel rails are C-type slide, C-type fixed clip, connector, C-type pulley and other components, simple structure, easy installation, smooth operation, and other components, simple structure, easy installation。

C-type steel rail is an ideal logistics power supply system, according to its different tracks can be divided into C-type rail cable pulley and I (H) -type rail cable pulley two. C-Beam Linear Rail The system requires relatively low environmental requirements, smooth operation and no sparks, in the indoor, outdoor, dusty, C-Beam Linear Rail more ash and large temperature difference between the normal work.

C-type steel rail front pulley, the middle cable pulley, C connector, C-Beam Linear Rail flat cable and cable pull, fixed and other components from the combination.

The structure of the locking assembly on the C-shaped steel rail includes a middle pressure code, a fixing bolt and a middle hole is arranged in the middle part of the middle pressure code. The fixed bolt is provided with a rectangular head at one end, and the fixing bolt is arranged with a U- A flattened pad, C-Beam Linear Rail a spring and a medium pressure code, said intermediate pressure code being provided on one side of the rectangular head with flange nuts arranged in a rectangular head; a fixed bolt is provided with a spring capable of producing a certain preload Easy to install, set the U-shaped pieces to carry out the initial positioning to save installation time, C-Beam Linear Rail the pressure code set on the anti-skid, so that the lock more firmly, fixed bolt on the head set a limited position card slot to prevent the fixed bolt and rail off, Locking device position on the rail can be adjusted, easy installation, high installation efficiency, save manpower, good versatility.

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