C Steel Rails Running Smoothly

- Jun 26, 2017-

C-type steel rails are C-type slide, C-type fixed clip, connector, C-type pulley and other components, simple structure, easy installation, smooth operation, and other components, simple structure, easy installation

C-type steel rail is an ideal logistics power supply system, according to its different tracks can be divided into C-type rail cable pulley and I (H) -type rail cable pulley two. C-Beam Linear Rail The system requires relatively low environmental requirements, smooth operation and no sparks, in the indoor, outdoor, dusty, more ash and large temperature difference can work properly.

Characteristics and working principle of c - type steel guide rail

C-shaped steel rails by the flat cable, carrying cable with four-wheel trolley and guided three parts. Flat cable with non-flame retardant materials, can be used for indoor and outdoor contact with oil sites, with a certain weather resistance, and round cable than a small radius of bending, long life and other advantages.

The cold-rolled steel plate is cold-drawn to form a cold-rolled steel sheet to ensure the accuracy of the rail section size. It replaces the unsafe and heavy weight of the angle and other conductive methods. C-Beam Linear Rail The indoor slippery fouling and the outdoor icing cause the line to be short Shortcomings, but also has the characteristics of the original domestic, orbit unit length 4 ~ 6m Coupler connector, can be extended to any length. The same time as the above-

The working principle of the c-type steel guide rail is shown in the engineering application. The beginning of the flat cable (connected to the field junction box) is fixed on the starting end of the guided rolling, and then the space is allowed to run in accordance with the allowable running space. C-Beam Linear Rail The appropriate length (1-2.5mm) On a four-wheeled carriage carrying a cable, the cable is not on the last car (tractor). By pulling the car on the car pulling the car to move back and forth, through the cable drag (length, such as more than 20m should be considered the original traction rope, C-Beam Linear Rail the cable from the pull) role, driving all the cars in the rolling speed at any speed sliding, Simple, no debugging, and no contact contact power supply, etc., safe and reliable.

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