C Steel Guide In The Role Of Civil Construction

- Jul 10, 2017-

The structure of the locking assembly on the guide rail of the c-shaped steel rail includes a middle pressure code, a fixing bolt and a middle hole in the middle of the middle pressure code. The fixed bolt is provided with a rectangular head at one end, A flattened pad, a spring and a middle pressure code, the middle pressure code being provided with a flange nut disposed on one side of the rectangular head, C-Beam Linear Rail the U-shaped opening being arranged toward the rectangular head; the fixed bolt is provided with a spring capable of generating a predetermined Tightening easy to install, set the U-shaped pieces to carry out the initial positioning to save installation time, the pressure code is set on the anti-skid, so that more tight locking, fixed bolt on the rectangular head set to limit the slot to prevent the fixed bolt and guide , The locking device position can be adjusted on the guide rail, easy installation, high installation efficiency, saving manpower, good versatility.

For the c-shaped steel guide itself, then it is more appropriate to choose the surrounding giant src column, in terms of seismic is relatively unfavorable. In addition, C-Beam Linear Rail for the c-shaped steel guide, it is the most direct line to the basis of transmission, so that we can actually find that it is in the high-rise steel structure design, often used is steel composite structure such as concrete.

For c-shaped steel rail machines, it is cut off in the steel structure of the steel, we should try to use the shearing machine or saw the bed to carry out, especially for thin-walled steel roof truss is the best; Of the words is more accurate, so it requires us to use electric sawing method, so that it can not only work efficiency is high, for its smoothness is smooth, quality is also better, its length The error can also be controlled within ± 1mm.

If we are in order to improve the quality of the c-shaped steel rail gas cutting, it is also possible to use the gas cutting method, where we are more suitable for the use of small-caliber nozzle, remember to use the hammer after cutting gently tapping, so haunted can ensure the formation of incision , C-Beam Linear Rail For the removal of slag, to ensure that our welding quality is relatively good in terms of.

In terms of the wall thickness of the c-shaped rail machine, it can be made very thin, so that it is greatly simplified in the production process, and it is also helpful to improve the production efficiency. Moreover, when we are in the production can also be used in general hot rolling method is difficult to produce uniform wall thickness of the steel. But the cross-sectional shape of the complex variety of profiles and different materials, cold-formed color steel equipment is still possible.

For the c-type rail machine in terms of its multi-link suspension structure is more complex, C-Beam Linear Rail and the cost is concerned, then the words are relatively high, for its parts on the words is also a lot of the other in the parts is also very time of. But in terms of c-shaped rail machine itself, it is in large and medium-sized industrial civil construction, can be as its main body of the main force structure exists.

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