C-Shaped Guide Rail Universal Good

- Sep 14, 2017-

C-Beam guide with excellent structure, the use of advanced design, with very high strength.

C-Beam rail device system has c-type slide, C-type clips, connectors, C-type pulley components, simple structure, simple installation, smooth operation, and other components, simple structure, easy installation, smooth operation.

C-Beam Guide is an ideal logistics power supply system, C-Beam Linear Rail according to the different tracks can be divided into C-type rail cable pulley and I (H) type rail cable pulley two kinds. The system has low environmental requirements, stable operation and no spark, C-Beam Linear Rail and can work normally in indoor, outdoor, dusty, dusty and large temperature difference situations.

C-Beam guide structure, including medium voltage code, fixed bolts, middle voltage code central set through hole, a rectangular head is arranged at one end of the fixing bolt, C-Beam Linear Rail wherein the fixed bolt is provided with a U-shaped part, a flat cushion, a spring and a middle pressure code, and a flange nut is arranged on one side of the middle pressure code away from the rectangular head, and the U-shaped part opening faces the rectangular head The fixed bolt is provided with a spring to produce a certain pretension force for easy installation, C-Beam Linear Rail set up a U-shaped parts for the initial positioning to save installation time, the middle voltage code on the setting of Non-slip lines, so that the lock is firmer, fixed bolts on the rectangular head of the set of finite bit slots to prevent the fixed bolt and guide out, the locking device position in the guide rail can be arbitrarily adjusted, C-Beam Linear Rail Convenient installation, high efficiency, saving manpower and good versatility.

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