C-section Guideway Running Smoothly

- Aug 01, 2017-

C-Beam guideway has C-type slide, C-type clips, connectors, C-type pulley components, simple structure, simple installation, smooth operation, and other components, simple structure, easy installation, smooth operation

C-Beam Guide is an ideal logistics power supply system, according to the different tracks can be divided into C-type rail cable pulley and I (h) Type rail cable pulley two kinds. C-Beam Linear Rail The system has low environmental requirements, stable operation and no spark, and can work normally in indoor, outdoor, dusty, dusty and large temperature difference situations.

C-section Guide locking the structure of the Assembly, C-Beam Linear Rail including medium pressure code, fixed bolts, middle pressure code central set with a through hole, fixed bolt one end is provided with a rectangular head, the fixed bolt from the rectangular head start in turn set with U-shaped parts, flat pad, C-Beam Linear Rail spring and medium pressure code, and a flange nut is arranged on one side of the middle pressure code away from the rectangular head, and the U-shaped part openings are arranged on the rectangular head; C-Beam Linear Rail a spring on the fixing bolt is arranged to produce a certain pretension force for easy installation, and a U-shaped part is arranged for initial positioning to save installation time, The middle voltage code is provided with Non-slip pattern, so that the locking is firmer, the fixed bolt's rectangular head is provided with a finite bit slot to prevent the fixed bolt from slipping away from the guide rail, the locking device position can be arbitrarily adjusted on the guideway, C-Beam Linear Rail the installation is convenient and efficient, the installation efficiency is high, and the

The C-Beam guideway consists of a flat cable, a four-luntai vehicle for carrying cable and a three-part guide rolling. The flat cable adopts the non fuel-burning material, C-Beam Linear Rail which can be used in the indoor and outdoor and contact with the oil, has certain weather resistance, and the round cable has the advantages of small bending radius and long life.

The C-Beam guide adopts a cold drawing of cold rolled steel plate to ensure the accuracy of the dimension of the track section. C-Beam Linear Rail Instead of angle steel and other conductive methods of unsafe, large weight, indoor sliding line ash, outdoor icing caused by short lines, the impact of the use of the shortcomings, more unique domestic characteristics, track unit length 4~6m using coupler connector, can be extended to any length.

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