Bearing Temperature Too High

- Mar 15, 2017-

When the bearing temperature rises, first determine whether the malfunction, if it increases, should be dealt with as follows:
(1). check cooling water pressure, flow and pipe system is normal. If the water pressure may be filter blocked, cannot be processed in a timely manner, dealing, when working, put into use again.
(2.) should check the hydraulic speed Governor, if low oil pressure may lead to cooling water of hydraulic valve to close.
(3.) check for abnormal noise bearing, and test the bearings set are normal.
(4). take oil sample oil color changes were observed, and test to see if bad. If confirmed when the deterioration should be stopping oil change.
(5). check oil oil level is normal, if normal, check that the oil drain valve is closed. If you have tight, oil, if sealant gasket oil leakage should stop processing.

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