Application Of Linear Guide Technology

- Mar 15, 2017-

Linear guides is a 1932 French Patent Office published a patent. After decades of development, linear Guide has become the international language support and driving devices in common, more and more are CNC machine tools, CNC machining center, precision machinery, automation equipment, are widely used in industrial production.
Line guide Deputy General by Guide, and sliding block, and reverse device, and scroll body and keep device, composition, it is a new of for relative reciprocating line movement of scroll supports, can to sliding block and guide between of steel ball scroll to instead of directly of sliding contact, and scroll body can with reverse device in roll road and sliding block within achieved unlimited cycle, has structure simple, and movement friction coefficient small, and positioning precision high, and precision keep sex good, advantages.
Linear guides and linear rolling guideway, slide, linear guides, linear slide, rolling Guide, used to precisely control the reciprocating motion of the parallelism of table travel, with linear bearing higher than the rated load, and can take a certain amount of torque, in case of high load for high precision linear motion.
Linear rolling Guide's role is to support and guide the moving part, relies on guide rails on both sides of two or four row ball cycle at a given smooth scroll move the table moving reciprocating linear motion. Friction properties, and can be divided into linear motion guide rails of sliding friction, rolling friction guideway, elastic bearings, fluid friction guides, and so on.

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