The Characteristics Of Linear Guides

- Jun 12, 2017-

Linear guide is the most important part of CNC cutting machine, it is a straight reciprocating motion for the tool, this tool has a straight line bearings do not have a higher rated load, but also can take a certain Torque, but also in the case of high load to achieve the same high precision linear motion, Linear Rail so that equipment smooth and accurate operation of the function.

CNC cutting machine above the linear guide, linear axis as a CNC cutting machine one of the core components, its function is to guide and support. We have to ensure that the CNC cutting machine has a high processing accuracy, Linear Rail requiring its rails, straight line with a high degree of guidance accuracy and good movement of the smooth.

The most common is a rolling guide made of a combination of a flat guide, a linear rolling guide and a circulating roller and a planar guide. Although the classification of the guide a lot, but the nature of the work are mostly the same, for the carrier to provide a smooth moving surface; Linear Rail the machine tool to deal with the force to reduce the impact of passive processing parts.

Most of the rails are linear motion, a few for the arc movement. Linear guide through the fine processing process combined with rolling the ball, its high-speed movement, the friction coefficient is small, high sensitivity to meet the working parts of the work requirements. Linear Rail Which is how the rolling elements contact with the rail surface, which is the most direct impact on system performance, one of the main factors.

Linear guide with its unique characteristics, gradually replaced the traditional sliding rail, in industrial production has been widely used. It has been widely used in all kinds of heavy-duty combined machine tools, CNC machine tools, high-precision EDM cutting machines, grinding machines, industrial robots and even in general. It has been widely used in all kinds of heavy-duty, high-speed, energy-saving and shortening product development cycle. Industrial machinery.


• Ideal 4-row circular groove with two-point contact construction

• With DF structure with excellent error absorption capability

• Linear Rail Accurate and average effect of absorption of mounting surface errors

• Allows large and high rigidity

• Low coefficient of friction

In the daily maintenance should also pay attention to the maintenance of linear guide work to ensure the better operation of the device, the specific method is as follows:

1, pull out the total power of CNC cutting machine, press several times the CNC cutting machine switch, the release of static electricity.

2, remove the CNC cutting machine guide. Linear Rail Wipe the surface of the rails with wipes and the backlog.

3, with your fingers in the linear guide surface with a finger painted a little grease, give priority to ensure that the groove.

4, with a few drops of oil on the linear guide rails above, and then move the linear guide to come back and forth several times to ensure that the rails throughout the body with lubricants.

5, the linear guide installed up. And then open the CNC cutting machine's total power, press the CNC cutting machine switch.

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