The Main Criteria For Custom Sheeting

- Jun 12, 2017-

How to choose a custom sheet

1, the process: plate furniture to drill more to install the connector, wooden tenon, laminates care and other accessories, so you can observe the material from the drill hole is uniform, arranged neatly, the color is uniform.

2, color, gloss: a good plate surface should be glowing luster, Custom Plates light up to have a certain degree of reflection, giving a metal texture.

3, leveling: the leveling of the plate is the flatness of the plate. Good surface treatment of the plate is quite good, smooth and smooth surface of the board, hand up there is a sense of smooth, and will not touch the particles, depression or fingers have the feeling of being stabbed. Good plate of its hardness and strength is also quite good, with gravity or sharp objects in the above draw scraping, there will be no scratches appear, Custom Plates the surface of the board as clean as ever.

4, trademarks: well-known plate manufacturers will be in their own production of the plate on the logo, some embossed, and some gravure, you can carefully check the plate above the manufacturer's trademark to identify the origin of the plate, Custom Plates as a judge plate quality One of the criteria.

5, the material density: the slab from the plate to see the board of the plate core, a good plate inside the material should be fine, no trace of the gap. Where is the cut from where, the incision is full, Custom Plates there is no seam and no holes, pinch pinch is not pinch into, and more likely to leave the nail on the above printed.

6, Edge: furniture in the production process to join the glue, there will be a certain amount of viscous volatile material, so to take the edge of the form of gas locked in the plate inside, do not let it evaporate out. The most basic treatment is the two sides edge, the better is to take four sides of the edge, Custom Plates surrounded by the edge of the treatment is the most environmentally friendly. Edge to be thick enough, and with the core core close together, there will be no degumming phenomenon.

7, formaldehyde content: smell taste. Leaning on the board veneer, smell whether there is irritating smell. If there is, and to stimulate the want to tears, may formaldehyde content has been much higher than the standard value, this plate is not a good plate, long placed in the room will have a great harm to human health. Consumers can also view the relevant quality of the business test report certificate to a more protection.

8, the thickness of the plate: the standard cabinet body plate thickness is 18mm, backplane and door is generally 9mm. Some small manufacturers will be 16mm of its plate publicity for the 18mm, so this must be careful to see clearly. Respectively, measuring both ends of the plate and the middle, the smaller the tolerance, the better the quality of the plate.

9, the weight of the plate: a good plate wood uniform, few or no impurities, Custom Plates the density is relatively large, so it is relatively heavy, take in the hands of a sense of falling.

How to identify whether the custom sheet is environmentally friendly

1, see grade. The formaldehyde emission of the plate is a certain standard. At present, the national standard for indoor custom board is E1 grade, that is, formaldehyde emission is 0.5mg / I ~ 1.5mg / I; and formaldehyde emission is less than 0.5mg / I E0 level standard is our country will adopt the European Standard, this plate is currently on the market the most environmentally friendly, but the price should be more expensive. Blockboard (sandwich board) the price of 140 yuan / square meters; decorative plate prices are 100 yuan / square meters; and the floor is 200 yuan / square meters.

2, see certification. Any plate, if the declaration of environmental protection must have the State Environmental Protection Administration of green building materials ten ring certification mark. Custom Plates This is a measure of a custom furniture brand size, product quality, comprehensive strength of the main criteria.

3, see the report. Custom furniture needs businesses to provide the authority of the provincial authorities above the test report. It is worth noting that the test report issued must be the quality of the sales department. In addition, furniture must provide product brochures, which is only recently mandatory.

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