Bearing The Role Of

- Jun 12, 2017-

Operation of the inspection items are bearing the rolling sound, vibration, temperature, lubrication status, the specific situation is as follows:

Bearing the rolling sound

The use of sounder on the operation of the rolling bearing sound size and sound quality to check, even if the bearing has a slight stripping damage, but also issued an abnormal sound and irregular sound, Bearings with the sounder to distinguish.

Bearing the vibration

Bearing vibration is sensitive to bearing damage, such as peeling, indentation, corrosion, cracks, wear, etc. will be reflected in the bearing vibration measurement, so by using a special bearing vibration measuring device (frequency analyzer, etc.) can measure the vibration The size of the frequency can not be inferred by the exception of the specific circumstances. The measured values are different depending on the conditions of use of the bearings or the position of the sensor installation. Therefore, Bearings it is necessary to determine the judgment criteria after analyzing and comparing the measured values of each machine in advance.

Bearing the temperature of the bearing

Bearing the temperature, generally have the bearing outside the room temperature can be inferred, if the use of oil hole can directly measure the bearing outer ring temperature, the more appropriate. Typically, the bearing temperature starts to rise slowly as the operation begins, reaching a steady state after 1-2 hours. Bearings The normal temperature of the bearing varies with the heat capacity, heat dissipation, speed and load of the machine. If the lubrication, installation is not appropriate, the bearing temperature will rise abruptly, there will be abnormal high temperature, then must stop running, take the necessary precautions. According to a large number of test data, out of a variety of mechanical bearings in the outer ring when the average temperature for reference. As the temperature by lubrication, speed, load, the impact of the environment, the table only shows the approximate temperature range. Bearings The use of thermal sensors can be monitored at any time the bearing operating temperature, and to achieve the temperature exceeds the specified value when the police automatically stop or stop the prevention of the occurrence of shaft accidents.

Bearing lubrication

Lubrication on the rolling bearing fatigue life and friction, wear, temperature rise, vibration and so have an important impact, there is no normal lubrication, the bearings can not work. Analysis of bearing damage causes that about 40% of the bearing damage and lubrication are related. Bearings Therefore, good lubrication of the bearing is an effective measure to reduce bearing friction and wear. In addition, the bearing lubrication there are heat, rust, seal, ease the impact of a variety of roles, the role of bearing lubrication can be briefly described as follows

A. An oil film is formed between the two rolling surfaces or sliding surfaces which are in contact with each other to separate the two surfaces to reduce the friction and wear of the contact surfaces.

B. When using oil lubrication, especially when using circulating oil lubrication, oil mist lubrication and fuel lubrication, the lubricating oil can take most of the friction inside the bearing heat, play an effective heat dissipation.

C. When using grease lubrication, Bearings can prevent external dust and other foreign matter into the bearing, play a closed role.

D. Lubricants have a role in preventing metal corrosion.

Extend the fatigue life of the bearing.

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