Wires stainless steel screw cap

- Mar 15, 2017-

1, into a metal or non-metallic materials (light alloy materials such as aluminum, magnesium) on the mechanical parts, can form a high strength, wear resistance, high precision stainless steel screws in the standard pattern.
Typical applications: high-voltage switchgear, power machinery |, tobacco machines, welding equipment, microwave communications, automobile parts, air separation plants, coal, power machinery, textile and chemical fiber machinery and furniture.
2, in the thread processing error or damaged screw hole repair, silk thread set (wire thread insert) can be used as a repair tool can be obtained quickly and efficiently fix
Typical applications: screw hole repair after tripping of various important parts, such as injection molding machine template screw hole repair. Engine cylinder screw hole repair, etc.
3, the use of silk thread metric ← → English threaded nosepiece, very convenient and fast.

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