Types of nuts

- Mar 15, 2017-

Nut is will mechanical equipment close connection up of parts, through inside of thread, equal specifications nut and bolt to connection in with, for example M4-P0.7 of nut only and M4-P0.7 series of bolt for connection (in nut in the, M4 refers to nut diameter about for 4mm,0.7 refers to two a thread teeth Zhijian of distance for 0.7mm); us products also also, for example 1/4-20 of nut only and 1/4-20 of screw Rod match (1/ 4 nut inner diameter of about 0.25 inch, 20 inch, and 20 teeth).
Stainless steel
Self locking nuts, lock nut, lock nut, four-claw nut,
Screw nut lock nut, thin Rod screw connection self-locking hexagon nut anchor screw cap nut special nut, Hexagon nuts with Crown-shaped thin nut.
Thin all-metal Hexagon nuts with flange hex flange lock nut fine pitch metal non-metallic insert hex flange lock nuts fine thread hex flange nuts
Square weld nut Hexagon weld nut retaining nut is encased round nut
Side round nut with set PIN holes, slotted round nut end surface round nut with set PIN holes small round nut
Round ring nut nut nut

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