Classification of the flange nut

- Mar 15, 2017-

Flange nut is broadly divided into two, with check pattern gear and without teeth, each with staggered cam, due to the internal wedge design slope angle of oblique angles larger than the bolt nut, this combination will tightly biting into a whole, flange nut and the fitting surface contact area is large, which determines its use. When there is vibration locknut bulge between dislocation and rising tension, so as to achieve excellent locking effect. Flange nut surface blackening treatment, white zinc plated, blue-and-white zinc plating, zinc plating.
Dang bolt nut connection of two Department pieces to connection of convenient sex, usually will will a parts of bolt hole processing very big, such two parts find are Shi will very convenient, 2 a hole without on of is accurate on can achieved bolt of connection, bolt hole increased, will will led to General nut and was connection pieces of contact area reduced, such on using this flange surface nut on can avoid this situation.

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