As an industrial robot industry momentum

- Mar 15, 2017-

Global industrial robots in a steady growth trend in recent years, continues to expand the scale of the market. China, as the largest market for industrial robots, the strong momentum of development, and is closely related with industrial robot system integration market size is also in the field of progressive development of future market space is enormous, will effectively assist the automotive industry represented by the downstream applications to achieve automation and intelligent development, increase productivity, reduce manufacturing costs.
Intelligent manufacturing will help to improve the production efficiency and added value of products, rising labor costs of China's manufacturing industry to further enhance the market competitiveness and industrial chain upstream and downstream industries will also have a positive effect. With the growing of industrial policy, will enter a phase of rapid development of intelligent manufacturing industries and some layouts of enterprise in advance will no doubt greatly benefit from, the industrial chain includes high-end CNC machine tools, industrial robots, sensors, automation (digital) factory, individualized manufacturing of new formats such as, Intelligent Robotics, automation equipment investors should focus on.

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